Who are We?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to salute you cordially at first, and announce that our web site, dusunceninokullasmasi.com has started broadcasting by June 2015.

First of all, we would like to declare that our website was set up with the purpose of bringing an “idea” to the public attention, which can be summarized as follows: realizing the social and political transformation in contemporary age requires the “systematization of the thought.” As is known, the contemporary Islamic movements turned out to be nearly unsuccesful in reaching this goal for the very reason that they came to a deadlock situation. The project of systematization of the thought, on the other hand, suggests a proposal for overcoming this problem in that the solution lies behind the efforts aiming at rising the level of accumulated knowledge of Muslims. So, what we need is to formulate and declare the Contemporary Muslim Thought as a coherent set of ideas or internally consistent and systematic ideology, and to bring it to the humanity’s attention by using a “global language.” Otherwise, the efforts done by Muslims with an intent to realize social and political transformation will fail. So, bringing this “idea” to general attention is the raison d’etre of building of this website. Additinonally, we would like to declare that our website may “eat a big mouthful but will not make big promises” because its aim is not to arouse interest in the formation of a new fraction or a group, but rather is to call Muslims’ attention to the very importance of the concept of “the thought” and especially that of “systematization of thought.”

For this reason, you will not see the news about current events or “actuality” in our website, rather you will see lasting and not-volatile comments, analysis and opinions relating to the theme of “thought” and “systematization of thought.” In this connection, we would like to declare that our website is open to all critics, analyses or opinions deserving to be named as “idea” or “thought.” We call upon all brothers and sisters to speak up their minds and to share their ideas, suggestions or objections with us with an inner peace. And we would like frankly to declare that all our brothers and sisters can make any contribution to our website without hesitation.

We would like hereby to answer the burning question: “Who are We?” Let it be known that we are Muslims. The determinant of our identity is Islam. Our criterion is “the Truth” and our maxim is “Knowledge.” We are in pursuit of “the Truth.” We started out to get just the God’s sake who is “the Truth” himself and points out in Qoran: “I say the Truth.” We are like a lamb to the slaughter in the presence of the Truth. And we believe readily in the motto: “criticism is mercy.” So, we call all Muslims to share their “truths” with us and criticize us when we make mistakes. This means that we just give “a blank check” for all to criticize us. Let it be known that “you are not good Muslims if we are on a wrong track and you will not tell it to us, and that we are not good Muslims if you are on a wrong track and we will not tell it to you. We are human beings, so we can make mistakes. We can not evolve into a better condition unless we warn mutually about our mistakes. That is the way we are to pass through. It is of no use to praise us because of our truths other than flattering our pride for we have already had it! But if you tell us our mistakes, you really do a favor for us. So, we would like hereby announce once again that our goal is the Truth itself. We set up this website for defending and spreading the Truth. If we do make a mistake in doing this, let it be known that we promise we will correct it immediately.