What do We Want?

Let it be known that the website of dusunceninokullasmasi.com is not set up with a view to announce the formation of a new “group” or to call on Muslims to join a newly organized body. Rather, we call on all to “help each other in goodness.” We are not calling anyone to obey us or not saying such a word: “first obey us, only then we can work together.” Anyone who believes in the project of Systematization[1] of the Thought can readily be a contributor to the project. If the nominee belongs to a group, party or an organization, we see no problem with that. What matters for us is fulfilling the liabilities undertaken as part of the project. We believe that this modus operandi that has not been tried by Muslim groups yet will lead to “goodness” and mercy itself. The reason is that Muslims still carry out their activities, to a great extent, in accordance with the habits of the traditional “relations of obedience” and suffers much from them. Because the Ummah dispersed and Muslim Community corrupted in recent centuries, these relations could not usually lead to goodness, but rather function as a limiting factor of intellectual development. In fact, when the corruption spread all over the world, the first thing that should be done is to lay the foundation of thought firmly. The relations of obedience can lead to “goodness” only if they are developed on the basis of this foundation. Otherwise, they may become the devices of “oppression” and even “violence.” In most parts of the Muslim world, we face nothing but this situation. People join the groups with good intentions but whenever a problem arises, they are not permitted to leave it gently. If the group’s member insists to leave it, he is declared, as a rule, “traitor.” On the other hand, a genuine relations of obedience can not be created unless a “scholarly authority” come into existence. So, the “Unity” can only be achieved by a scholarly authority. This means that only the genuine scholars have the right to demand the allegience of Muslims. Moreover, “there is no obedience in sin.” In another saying, those who demand loyalty from the faithful must first be loyal to the “Truth” and defend it under any circumstances. And, this requires first, no doubt, ‘knowing” the Truth. So, what we need in repairing the “relations of obedience” that was deteriorated in the course of time is to solve the “problems of thought” at first. This is exactly what we are trying to do with the website of dusunceninokullasmasi.com.

We want to act “with knowledge”, i.e “think and act wisely.” So, we regard what is “right” or “wisdom” as our lost property and believe that we may pick it up wherever or in whomsoever we find it, and defend it as much as we can. Likewise, we deny what is “wrong” wherever or in whomsoever we find it, and try to keep away from it. Our goal is not to get “quantitative magnitudes.” Instead, we prioritize “quality” and “competence” over quantity. Herewith, we would like to announce that we, as the website of dusunceninokullasmasi.com, will not ingratiate ourselves into people’s favor or will not make overtures the community by any means, and declare that we will try to warn the people about what is “wrong” and lead them to the “Truth.” We would like to emphasize once again that we did not come to demand allegience or to get benefit from obedience. We came here, as Ali Shariati says, perhaps “to bother you” or to be, as Socrates says, “a gadfly.” So, people’s content with their current situation is due to the widespread ignorance. As a matter of course, the ignorant feels discomfort when we remind him of his ignorance. But those who claim that they are devoted to the pursuit of the “Truth” should not feel any discomfort in performing their duties. Were not all the Prophets who are sent by God to change the regimes of ignorance accused of being troublemakers by the ignorants? This is peculiar - and widespread - response of the ignorant communities to the defenders of the “Truth.” The genuine correctors or the righteous should speak the Truth boldly and without fear, and have to face the risks that will be probably caused by such discomforts. This is briefly what we will try to do in this website. We will try here to be the voice of the “Truth” in this sense and defend it as much as we can.

↩ [1] The content of the Project is explained briefly in the section of School of Thought.