School of Thought

The School

What we mean by “the School” is an institution where children go to be educated. However, they are required to pass an IQ test before they are allowed to be a student here. Starting age of education will be six as in the usual practice but it will be lowered for the children who passed the IQ test and proved to be wunderkind to four. These children will have a “special” training so as to make contributions to the process of Systematization of the Thought. This education will be given at three main fields: in the primary and secondary education, they will be “language education”, “the basics” and “physical education.” In the higher education, the curriculum will consist of the courses that include predominantly “ideological” and “philosophical” material while the language education keeps going.

The graduate students will be required to have a good command of Arabic, Persian, English, French, German and Latin as well as their native language. In addition, they will be advised to learn Ottoman turkish, Greek and Hebrew but it will not be a compulsory condition. The very aim of giving predominantly ‘language education’ is to know modernity “properly” because a qualified critical and ideological activity can not be realized unless the “ideological” material is read and known by original texts. The “basics”, on the other hand, will be taught to the student with an intent to get him/her “know life well.” In this connection, a curriculum compatible with the very aim of the project regarding physical and social sciences will be followed. “Physical education” is given to the students professionally and in such a way that it will support “mental” development.

This is a draft-project. Here, we just bring the “idea” to the public attention as yet.